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History is a very important part of reminding us of where we came from. It is true that when we don’t remind ourselves of our history (be it collaborative, native or individual), we are likely to forget who we are. History helps us to shape our future, gives us an injection of hope when things seem wobbly about life, and inspire future generations to reach for something bigger than themselves. Christianity has a rich history and we think the land of Israel is one of the greatest pieces of evidence of our common Christian heritage. We believe it is important for every Christian (where possible) to visit Israel at least once in their lifetime.

Every 1-2 years, we organise a tour to Israel. Known as the Pilgrim’s Tour, it focuses on our shared history as Christians, our common values and beliefs, and our collaborative effort to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. To date, WFTR has facilitated 7 tours to the land of Israel. You can find out about the next trip here or contact

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    Israel Pilgrim Tour 2025

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