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Based on the story of a biblical figure in Act 16: 6-10, the Macedonian Call Initiative (or MCI, as is called) was first conceived in 2009 in response to the work of the Onis in the Amazon jungle in 2007, and thereafter among people displaced by war or persecuted for their faith in Israel. Over the years, the MCI has provided financial aids (in excess of £10,000) to people who have been ostracised by society due to their personal faith in Christ.

By 2016, the MCI program was developed for people working for humanitarian organisations such as BTBAB ( The idea remained low-key behind the scenes of our work for a number of years. But in 2018, an increasing number of people wanted to be part of something bigger than just another 2wks humanitarian mission work. Today, an MCI program affords you the opportunity to develop international global skills by arranging for a work experience of anything from 1-6months overseas. Some of our MCI interns have gained such experiences in places such as Thailand and, if you invest more time, you can also develop a thesis from your experience (which you may be able to use towards applications for international posts or university studies in the developing world).

The MCI program is now designed for two groups of people: those contemplating taking up to a year (like a gap year) to serve in the developing world OR those working in vulnerable communities that isolate Christian from the resources they need to thrive. The latter is predominantly to do with supporting the persecuted believers meeting in small groups whilst the former is a 3-9 months training program to prepare you for living in the developing world. For more information, please email Maria at:

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