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Our Excel mentorships can be delivered online (which provides you with the basic tools for managing your world), or it can be delivered through our residential internships (which provide a broader intensive framework for those who are able to invest anything from 3months to 12months either part-time or full time). Below is some practical information which we hope will help you decide what is suitable for you.

How the residential internships differ from our online sessions

Our Excel residential internships are uniquely designed to give a broader & more diverse face2face learning experience for those who have the means to take more time to fully immerse themselves into our internships. Unlike the online Excel streams, the residential internships provides the following for our interns:

  • It is tailor-made for each intern
  • It gives you hands-on life changing experience through interactions with others interns
  • It provides opportunity for international travel with our staff to help you gain an insight into International Development (for those doing the Level 3 internship only)
  • You receive weekly lectures from our experienced trainers (including classroom interactions with our speakers)
  • You receive up to two weekly 1-2-1 sessions (conditions apply)
  • You are given full supervision to do a thesis in international development
  • Depending on the level of internship you are successfully accepted onto, you will be given opportunities to develop life skills in at least 5 areas of personal development
  • Our internships are faith-based and as a result you are given an opportunity to develop the skills set to empower you to live out your faith
  • It can be done full time but also part-time (for those who may want to get a short-term job to raise funds to support them during their internship)
  • Local businesses and/or organisations partner with us to provide weekly hands-on projects to aid in the creative development of our interns


If you are able to invest into a full-time internship, then we will help you find affordable accommodation locally so that you can invest more time into your internship. You would need to demonstrate that you can support yourself (Some interns do choose to get a part-time job locally as a means to fund themselves).

Costs for Residential Internships

We are a faith-based organisation (meaning we depend on God to provide for our work through the generous donations of ordinary people who believe in what we are doing). So, we don’t charge you for what you receive (in terms of content) from us. But we do expect you to budget for your accommodation, food and some other living expenses.

We will help you find accommodation locally (estimated to cost between £475 – £675 pcm plus up to £150 pcm for food & toiletries).

Please Note: For those on the level 3 Excel internship, please note that you will be required to go on an overseas travel with our staff. As a result, we recommend that you budget for an additional £1,500 for a standard overseas trip (to cover all expenses including accommodation for a minimum of 1month).

Occasionally, our partners provide donations for sponsorships for our internship. Where these funds are available, we will only offer to those who have completed the application process.

Apply for a Residential Internship

We usually receive intakes for residential internships to start in April and September of each year. However, we process application all year long.  

If you would like to do an internship with us, please simply register your interest using the form and we will contact you regarding an application. Once you have completed your application you should hear from us within 5 working days. 

As a general principle, we would recommend that you allow up to 2 months in order to process your interest or application.

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