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Water from the Rock (WFTR) is a Christian organisation whose primary mandate is to contribute to the advancement of the Christian faith, either at an individual level or at a group level. Whilst we provide training resources to do this, we have also recognised the need to demonstrate what we teach by modelling a healthy lifestyle through routine day to day life. We do this through our internship programs. As an organisation, our internships are specifically designed to help people in their personal development and/or to provide tools for growing others into a fully functional members of society.

Our internships come out two main spheres: Managing Your World and Transition. Below we summarise how these internships are run within the work of Water from the Rock.

Internships from Managing Your World

Managing Your World (MYW) is a weekly workshop run by WFTR to enable people to develop the life skills to ensure that their world does not fall part. It is one of our many training initiatives called the Disciplers Workshop ( ). Provided a person has attended our MYW workshops, they are automatically offered internships known as Excel

Excel Stream 1

A monthly 1-2-1 session spread over 3months. This stream is with a WFTR representative to help a person develop a personal workplan to help them be good custodians of their inner world. It is delivered online, with each session lasting up to 2hours, and so it means you can receive this from the comfort of your own space

Excel Stream 2

A monthly 1-2-1 session spread over 6 months. This stream is with an experienced WFTR official who helps you not only to develop a personal workplan for your own life but also provides some practical suggestions on nurture others in your world without you becoming a victim in the process. It can be delivered online or you can meet face-to-face. Each session lasts 2 hours

Excel Stream 3

This is a residential internship lasting 6-12months. It is designed for those who desire to be involved in group or global development (be it in their own nations or internationally). It teaches the first level of global leadership i.e. how to gather and stir a group of people into champions of transformation. During this internship, you will be required to be part of international travels with our staff and learn how to navigate through life challenges outside of their comfort zone. WFTR has a sponsorship program for this stream but is only awarded to those who meet certain stringent criteria. One of such criteria is that recipients (not applicants) of this stream can only apply for sponsorship after the first month of starting their stream.

Please be aware that the application process for stream 2 & 3 can take between 4wks – 3months.

Internships from Transition

For those of us who have been given the grace to see ahead, there comes with it the responsibility of planning ahead. It’s one thing to know where you are going but it’s another to align oneself in a way that ensures we arrive where we are going. The gap (period) between one season and the other is called Transition. Transition can be a protected space where God can help a person to either make up on grounds they have lost in life or to help a person to make up such grounds in their own lives.

WFTR offers two streams of Transition to help Christians in their journey of faith. Each stream has been uniquely developed to cater for different seasons of life. Below is a summary of what we offer:


Joshua Stream

This stream is for those who are transitioning out of a structure (or type of leader) into a new one. WFTR teaches that there are 4 types of leaders and, depending on our situation or people we are called to, any of these 4 facets can be applied. Over the years, the Joshua stream has helped many emerging leader (who are struggling to grapple with enormous changes) to overcome the struggles of new leadership. The mentorship period can range from 6months (if sessions are in person) to 12 months (if delivered through fortnightly online sessions)

Couples Stream

This stream is delivered in two parts: For couples preparing to marry (traditionally known as pre-marital counselling) or For couples adjusting to newly married life. This stream runs for 3-6months and to get the best out of this, we recommend that the couple do their sessions face to face. In the event of national or local crisis (such as the COVID lockdown), the Couples stream can be modified so that it delivered through online sessions.

What to Do Next

The information provided above is a snapshot of the internships we can offer. We are receiving unprecedented interests in our internships and as a result, we may have to process initial inquiries on the merits of where you’re at in preparations. So please be with us. As a starter, we strongly recommend that you register to any of our training initiatives – as this is more likely to give you a better feel of who we are and what we do. For those considering the Excel internship, the MYW workshop is mandatory before you can be considered for an internship (the only exception being those who have applied for in-person internships). For more information, please use our interest form or contact and we will do our best to respond within 72hours.

As an organisation, we do not charge for the resources (the good news of Jesus) that we offer the Christian public but we do expect you to budget for the costs you incur on us whilst accessing what we are freely giving to you. Please bear this in mind for Excel stream 2 & 3, as well as the Transit sessions

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